Northern California tonewood: Cypress & Acacia Tenor Ukuleles

Have a look at these beauties! These brand-new tenor ukuleles have been strung up for about a month. All four feature northern California tonewoods in their tops, necks, backs, and sides: two Monterey cypress, from Point Arena (a neighboring town in Mendocino County, California) and two black acacia from Marin County. All four have ebony fingerboards & bridges, as well as abalone or mother-of-pearl fingerboard markers and hand-cut abalone Dart logos.

As of this posting, all four are for sale & available to see and play at the Dart Instruments showroom. Please contact us with any questions.

More information at each instrument's individual page:

Acacia Tenor Ukulele (X-braced)

Acacia Tenor Ukulele (ladder-braced)

Monterey Cypress Tenor Ukulele (X-braced)

Monterey Cypress Tenor Ukulele (ladder-braced)