Custom Orders

David has over fifty years’ experience making custom instruments & would be happy to design and build your dream instrument. Please take some time to browse the Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin, Steel, & Unique/Traditional galleries, as well as the “Inlay” gallery towards the bottom of this page.

David uses 100% solid wood, and all custom inlay (including the Dart logo) is cut & set by hand. With the exception of tuners, fingerboard dots, frets, strings, cases, and pickups, all instrument components are hand-made, assembled, and finished at David’s shop on Highway 128 in Navarro, California. Dart Instruments is located between the rugged Mendocino Coast and beautiful Anderson Valley, in the heart of Mendocino County wine country.

The base prices for a Style 1 instrument are listed below. This base price includes a basic Guardian case but does not include shipping. For an additional cost, extra options available include binding; custom inlay; pickup; extra strings; French polish; fantastical design; and more! If you see something you like on this website or have a particular style or design in mind, get in touch with David for a free estimate!

Instrument Type Base price
Guitar OO $3,500
OOO/OM $3,500
Small Jumbo $3,500
Dreadnaught $3,500
Ukulele Concert $1,200
Tenor $1,500
Baritone $2,200
Mandolin, A-Style Mandolin $3,500
Mandola $3,500
Octave Mandolin $3,500
Mandocello $5,000
Mandolin, F-Style Mandolin $6,500
Mandola $7,000
Octave Mandolin $10,000
Mandocello $10,000
Steel Hawaiian $3,500
Bowlback $6,500
Theorbo bowlback $7,000