Hawaiian Lap Steel Guitars

Hawaiian Guitars, Lap Steel

Custom Hawaiian Steel Guitars- Choice of Koa wood or Mahogany wood
- above, left, Koa, center, Mahogany, right, Mahogany

About Dart Acoustic Lap Steel Guitars

Dart Hawaiian guitars are made in the traditional Hawaiian style of the 1930's, the sides continuing up to the head stock making the neck hollow. The guitars are inspired by Weissenborn, Kona and Knudsen style guitars, but are not copies. Ben Harper currently owns three Dart Steel Guitars. Harper played a Dart Hawaiian Steel Guitar on Glory and Consequences on the CD, The Will to Live.

Dart Hawaiian guitars are typically made from either Koa or Mahogany woods. Koa being a little bit brighter in tone.

Styles or Models

style 1

Style 1

Mother-of-pearl dots on the fretboard- no binding

Style 2

Single layer binding, custom inlay on peghead included. Same sound as style-1 but fancier- Mahogany above

Style 4

Hawaiian Steel: mahogany wood body, Herring bone binding, mother of pearl, abalone, and ebony inlay, includes Waverly tuners

Style 8

8 string Hawaiian steel: All Mahogany body; hollow neck in Hawaiian style; Available in Inventory $4,500 read more...